Tuesday, February 11, 2014

One, Two, Twee - Day 205

Well hello humans, big and small. How are you feeling about this looming day of acknowledging this lack of love in your life? Fear not, I have a plan. A plan so devious that it will knock sadness right out of your hearts and replace it with fluttering feelings only a first love can resurface.

It might seem hard at first, but if you trust me, the fourteenth day of the second month will forever be transformed as the day you truly felt an overwhelming love for yourself. "Ahhh..", you say, "this girl is trying to get me to forget how badly I want a pair of strong arms wrapped around me. That the tears on my pillow will only dry up when I receive my special delivery of red petals. Dear silly girl writing this, how am I supposed to forget a day so commercially driven by needing love, by simply just loving myself?"

Just like you, I have had my heart tickled like a puppies tummy and boy, did it feel good. It's also been abandoned, bruised, terrified and broken. Yet somehow, over time all I can seem to remember are the good feelings. I look not longingly at couples walking down the street engrossed in their fluttery feelings but stare more at the wonder of "I've had that".

Like soppy, sunlight soap this post is probably making you feel like I am about to tell you to do a chore. Ha ha! Surprise!

I am.

Here's what I need you to do this Valenshmimes day, in no particular order (just do it ok?):

1. Wake up with the sun. 
A new day is born every. single. day. You don't see the Sun going, "Oh well nobody loves me therefore I shan't shine upon you earthlings." The sun rises, it shines and it spreads joy on every soul it touches. This is your first mission. Show a little shine on someone that needs it.

2. Put some spark on that dial.
Get up, get dressed, put on your most "you" outfit. Crank that music up and dance around the house like a mad woman. Wiggle that bum until the pure dorkiness makes you giggle to the floor. Happy humans are hard to break. Believeeeedat!

3. Prepare a love breakfast
Forget the diet, bring out the strawberries, dollop on that Marscopone, spread the syrup and flip those flapjacks! If your kitchen is in a state of unrelentless repair, take a walk down to your favourite restaurant. Ask for a table for one. Reassure the waiter, that yes, it's a table for O-N-E. Order indulgently. Breath in the solo time and think only happy thoughts. It's about time you took yourself on a date.

4. Compliments count
When we are bursting with joy we can't help but spread the love. Pick up that phone, call your gran, call a crush and wish him a happy day. That's all. A simple hearty gesture. (lol)

5. Flowers are for all occasions 
I say red roses are just ridiculous. The mark up on the price of petals just because it happens to be a commercially driven day is outrageous. I like daffodils anyhow. Buy yourself some flowers and place them where you can admire them, and if someone asks… "My secret admirer gave them to me, myself."

6. It's wine time. 
Pick a handful of people that mean the most to you, the ones that fill you with joy. Invite them over to your house and pop open that bottle of bubbly. It's time to celebrate being the most awesome and unique individuals that you are. Your task for the evening: Go around the room and say one thing about each other that you love the most. Queue the giggles and enjoy the reminiscence of being you.

I am a big advocate of self love. It's the simplest but hardest thing to get right in our existence. God knows it's taken me years! This simple to-do list is pretty much my checklist for everyday, yes there are days I need to work harder at it (like said day) but it's become such a way of life for me now that I can honestly say I truly love every inch of who I am.

So tell me, how can you celebrate being you this Valentines day? And if you are snuggled tight to an other half, (you lucky little human you) how can you show them that, you, this human sitting next to him, is pretty much the most awesome being he'll ever meet?

Go fourth and spread love. All, over, your, self.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Hi Jemma! My name is Cameron and I was wondering if you'd be willing to answer a quick question I had about your blog. I can be reached at cvonstjames AT gmail DOT com - Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon! :)

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