Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dear Future Husband - Day 177

Dear Future Husband, 

It's a Tuesday. The sun is shining down on the Joburg streets just as it so lovingly does every day in the summer. In the distance, just as you may be, a storm is rumbling softly. Awaiting it's perfect entrance to cool down the souls of the city. The year is 2014 and just as the year is starting to awaken to the possibilities of the next 351 days, so am I. 

I am not quite sure if this is the year I will meet you, but it's definitely a year I am preparing to let you in. My excitement of finally being ready to shake your hand, randomly bump into you, or steal your smile in a passing isle is overwhelming. I hope you will hear me laugh and run, (kidding), come looking for me, or offer to carry my bags as the effort of carrying them myself will seem too much of a task to let me. It's this random moment of connection that we have to meet. Any other way will ruin the perfect movie moment I have planned for us.

I know the first time we'll hold hands will be an awkward moment. The sweaty palm on palm scenario is a realistic one. You'll accidentally offer me a low five and I'll mistaken it for a "let's hold hands" moment. I think I will like that the most. Because you see, on reflection, you'll like that the most.

I don't want to plan our first kiss or even think about our first intimate moment, as that could go either way. I could hate it, it could be a fumbling disaster with an awkward silence to deafen the dead. And then I would have no option but to call you my Future Ex Husband.

However, before any intimacy happens, I cannot wait to go on an adventure with you. A week long road trip where the only sound is my singing voice softly blowing away in the wind. (Which you will softly thank the wind for blowing away). I cannot wait to climb mountains and discover new nooks in hidden highvelds. Run naked in the moonlight and cuddle under the stars to the backdrop of that movie soundtrack we once hated.

Can you imagine the first time I will say "I love you"? You'll probably mistaken it for a cough or not even notice as I will tell you in your sleep. I'll hide the fact that I am hopelessly devoted to you until I experience a moment of fear as we bungee off the Victoria Falls bridge. Then I doubt you'll ever be able to unhear it. 

So just to clear some things up, before my friends get a hold of my reputation, there are 5 things you need to know before you ask me to be your wife. 
1. I hate it when you order the same food as me. How am I suppose to steal some off your plate?
2. Even though I have quit smoking, I'll sneak a puff in the park when I walk the dogs and deny every moment as I walk into the house smelling like a perfume stand.
3. I'm writing this because secretly I hope I have already met you and this is just a heads up before I go all "I love you" on your ass. 
4. I really like it when you take the rubbish out.
5. I have never, ever, lied about being in a relationship. Not even that one time I got free drinks at that bar you thought I didn't go to.

Totally kidding about number 3. 

Future Husband all I ask is that you be kind, that you treat me with more respect than your mother. That you love me unconditionally, not everyday but most days. I hope we fight and disagree but always keep our values on the same path. Please give our kids the best possible advice and enjoy your life with me. I ask that you see me not as your wife, but your best friend. The other half of the avocado you wish you hadn't eaten. And if for any reason you want to leave, it'll be best if you fake your death or I'll do it for you. 

Right now, in this moment ( of clear deliriousness) I cannot wait to meet you. 

I hope your day is going well, and that you get home safe from work. I do kinda need you alive.

All my love, 

Your Future Wife

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